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Kawwanan anan Batawa Eco Art Festival in Sabangan

Kawwan di Batawa
Eco Art Festival

Culminating Cordillera Green Network’s
Environmental Education Art Workshops
Sabangan, Mountain Province, Philippines

Venue:San Alfonso High School
Saint Joseph Catholic Mission Seminar Hall
Lagan Elementary School

Participants: The Community of Sabangan and its 11 participating schools
Data Elementary School
Lagan Elementary School
Namatec Elementary School
Sabangan Elementary School
Sabangan Central School
Pingad-Bao-Angan Elementary School
Data National High School
Pingad National High School
Sabangan National High School
Namatec National High School
San Alfonso High School
Lagan Day Care Center

Perticipating artists:
Kosei & Hoshiko Yamamoto(Japan)
Setsu Hanasaki(Japan)
Asao Shimura(Japan)
Jun Amanto(Japan)
Haruka Furusaka(Japan)
Asayo Yamamoto(Japan)
Chiyo Ogino(Japan)
Takafuki Fukasawa(Japan)
Nibuhiko Terasawa(Japan)
Meeko Koike(Japan)
Alma Quinto(Manila)
Waway Saway & Talaandig Indigenous artists (Bukidnon)
Romel Pidazo(Baguio)
Gilbert Gano(Baguio)
Rey Angelo Aurelio(Baguio)
Jason Domling(Baguio)
Rocky Cajigan(Baguio)
Vince Navarro(Baguio)
Carlo Villafuerta(Baguio)
Alex Tumapang(Baguio)
Dom-an Macagne(Sagada)
Yasu(Japan) & Gelo(Baguio)
Gawani Domogo(Sagada)
Bong Sanchez(Sagada)
Tara Natividad(Baguio)
Ruel Bimuyag(Baguio)

Project Proponent:
Cordillera Green Network Inc.
14D General Lim St. Baguio City, Philippines
Tel: 074-423-0839 cordigreen@gmail.com

Corporation with:
Municipality of Sabangan
Dep Ed Sabangan District
San Alfonso Hsgh School
AX(is) Art Project
Ubbog Cordillera Young Writers Club

Grant: Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE)
Japan Foundation


Mount Kalawitan’s peak graciously sits like a scarf on a dancing woman’s head. Its sides are curved and creviced and its foot touches the rice fields and the waters of Chico River. A watershed, the mountain seeps on many sides. Springs that form small waterfalls travel through natural canals all the way to the river. These springs are formed from the gathering of water that trickle into pool pockets.

The Cordillera peoples drink from these small pool pockets that are respected, cared for and kept unpolluted – an ecological consciousness that is rooted in the community watershed of indigenous knowledge, systems and practices. Caring for the environment and ecological balance or kawwan di batawa in the Kankana-ey language, is a deep set concept that is not separate from the beliefs of a person such as constitutional laws are instituted by governments and separate from the individual.

Kawwan di Batawa is the name for Cordillera Green Network’s Sabangan Eco Art Festival, co-organized with the District Office of the Department of Education and the Sabangan Local Government. The festival is the culmination of months of environmental education through art workshops in eleven schools in the different barangays of Sabangan.

The site of the communities in Sabangan, right at the foot of Mount Kalawitan, made it an easy choice for CGN to concentrate its project there. As an organization that finds its history in a little more than a decade of forestry and sustainability projects in the Cordilleras, it has also maintained its focus on children and the arts. Outputs from each of the workshops will be exhibited or performed during the festival.

Soil paintings, prints on handmade paper, pencil work, fabric art, junk art and sculptures made of stone, clay, and driftwood will be exhibited during the festival. Along with the exhibitions will be theater, contemporary dance, and bamboo music performances. Walk-in art workshops, an eco-concert, and a film exhibition of the school workshops will also be included.

The workshops held in the 11 participating schools include a contemporary dance workshop with Kabuku-mai theater dancer Jun Amanto assisted by theater actor and director Rey Angelo Aurelio; a tula dula workshop with theater actor and director Setsu Hanasaki assisted by writer and foodie Gawani Domogo; theater and music workshops with theater actor and director Rey Angelo Aurelio assisted by Cordilleran music and dance teacher Jason Domling; a fabric art workshop with visual artist Alma Quinto assisted by visual artist Carlo Villafuerte; a clay art workshop at Data Elementary school with installation and ceramic artist Asayo Yamamoto assisted by visual artist Bong Sanchez; a paper-making workshop using natural fibers with printmaker Asao Shimura assisted by visual artist Vincent Navarro; a soil painting workshop with visual artist and musician Datu Waway Linsahay Saway assisted by visual artist and musician Raul Bendit; a stone and driftwood art workshop with stone sculpture artist Gilbert Gano; a junk and found art workshop with Rommel Pidazo; a woodblock and camote printing workshop using soil as ink with print artist Haruka Furusaka assisted by visual artist Vincent Navarro; an art on paper workshop with visual artist Nobuhiko Terasawa assisted by art practitioner Rocky Cajigan; a bamboo flute making and traditional Cordilleran bamboo music workshop with artists Kosei & Hoshiko Yamamoto assisted by Cordilleran music and dance teacher Alex Tumapang, and; a contemporary dance theater workshop with artist Chiyo Ogino.

Cordillera Green Network’s environmental education project utilizes the arts as the prime educational medium. This has been a critical stimulus in trying to educate children towards connecting themselves with the environment and understanding their mutual responsibilities to it – a relatively simple community-based concept that has been made complex by a global society that studies the world according to obscure methods and sciences. Through art, understanding ecology becomes a simple concern that can be creatively resolved within the small arms of a thoughtful child.

The role of the workshops is mainly to reinforce the concept of kawwan di batawa. Through the different media in the arts that have been used in these workshops, the children of Sabangan were made to understand creatively the immediate concern of being ecologically balanced and can therefore come up with creative means in reconnecting with the environment.

Kawwan di Batawa celebrates this reconnection with the children and the whole community of Sabangan including guests from the AX(iS) Art Project that will be held along the Halsema Highway right before the festival.

(翻訳 translation)





1) 傾舞(かぶくまい)の現代舞踊ワークショップ:Jun Amanto氏(舞踊家)とアシスタントのRey Angelo Aurelio氏(役者、演劇監督)

2)トゥラ・ドゥラ(詩)・ワークショップ:花崎攝氏(俳優、舞台演出家)とアシスタントのGawani Domogo氏(ライター、食の専門家)

3)音楽と演劇ワークショップ:Rey Angelo Aurelio氏(俳優、舞台演出家)とアシスタントのJason Domling(コーディリエラ音楽とダンスの教師)

4)布を使ったアートワークショップ:Alma Quinto氏(ビジュアルアーティスト)とアシスタントのCarlo Villafuerte氏(ビジュアルアーティスト)

5)粘土を使ったアートワークショップ:山本麻世氏(インスタレーション・セラミックアーティスト)とアシスタントのBong Sanchez氏(ビジュアルアーティスト)

6)天然繊維を使った紙漉きワークショップ:志村朝夫氏(手漉き紙&豆本作家)とVincent Nabarro氏(ビジュアルアーティスト)

7)ソイル(土)ペインティング・ワークショップ:Datu Waway Linsahay Saway氏(アーティスト・ミュージシャン)とアシスタントのRaul Bendit氏(ビジュアルアーティスト・ミュージシャン)

8)石と流木を使ったアートワークショップ:Gilbert Gano氏(石の彫刻アーティスト)

9)ゴミと拾ったものを使ったアートワークショップ:Rommel Pidazo氏

10)土をインクとして使った版木とサツマイモの版画ワークショップ:ふるさかはるか氏(版画アーティスト)とアシスタントのVincent Nabarro(ビジュアルアーティスト)

11)紙を用いたアートワークショップ:寺澤伸彦氏(ビジュアルアーティスト)とアシスタントのRocky Cajigan氏(アーティスト)

12)竹笛作りとコーディリエラの伝統的な竹楽器音楽のワークショップ:山本公成氏(音楽家)、山本星子氏(音楽家)、Alex Tumapang(コーディリエラ音楽とダンスの教師)




 カワン・ディ・バタワは、子どもたちやサバンガンのコミュニティ全体、そしてフェスティバル直前にハルセマ・ハイウェイ沿いで開催されるAX(iS) アートプロジェクトのゲストたちと共に、環境との関係再生を祝うイベントとなる。


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