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【Cordillera participants】Evaluation of the Theater Project on environment Issues

Assessment of the Cordillera Participants




Comfortable to work with

New friends

Discovering shortcomings

Improving stage fright

Improving self performance

Joining the theater, opportunity to travelabroad

Warm welcome of Aceh

Passionate to theater

I am thankful that I”m part of this family.Meeting new friends along our workshop. We guide each other, and enjoyed each other’s company. My journey in life would be meaningless without the presence of this significant individuals

We improved a lot

We had a successful presentations

Met new friends and facilitators, new experience, new acquaintance

Gained confidence, overcome stage freight,discovered strengths and weaknesses

Gained knowledge and understand othersculture and traditions

Good companionship

Cooperation of actors

Meet new friends

Team work

New challenges on how to act on the stage

Discover strength and weaknesses

Stage is nice. Some participants opened/talked to me and we gave our first impression to each other and it’s good that they said that I am snob or bitchy at first but then when we knew each other it’s not like that anymore but we know that we have these entire negative attitudes.

We learned a lot of things in the duration of this workshop

We did perform in different stage and acquire more experience

We learned more about theater

Our stay in Kayan is the best, because the food are good and satisfying

When I joined this theater workshop, I observed and experience many good things like

Improving my stage pride

Good connection with new peers

Improving my performance in acting

Our stay in Kayan is the best, because the food are good and satisfying

I am open to suggestions from anyone and willing to improve

I think I did my best and keep on improving in the succeeding performance

The facilitators, staff and directors really took care the participants

order for the a practice or show is successful

Joining here is the reason for me to travel abroad for the first time

Here in the workshop; it enhances the teamwork and discipline for everybody and We learned more about theater

I am very thankful that, I joined this theater show because, learned a lot of things that I can use in the real world/life. I’m also thankful that I meet new friend from different places.

Had no particular conflict within the participants. They all contributed to the play though successful team work.

It was good to have someone leading the participant group. Having someone a little older than the rest of the participants helped to unite the group.

All participants had passion in theater and performance, so this passion each of them carried made the Aceh performance succeed despite the language barrier of Acehnese audience not speaking English

I meet new friends

I was checked by my new friends about my weaknesses (bad attitude) I didn’t know like when sometimes I don’t know that I usually pout which makes them think that I’m not okay, and they say that I am snob

With regards to performance, everyone has improved

But this had given me the chance to express myself and conquered my fear. When I started joining theater, I realized that this is the only place where I really can see myself. I meeting other people and sharing various cultures is such a blessing in a way that I’m learning something where I can own as my knowledge for the future

didn’t just had the confidence

Gago ako, pero guapo ako. Mataba ako peropogi ako. (I am stupid but I am handsome. I am fat but I am good looking)

Gusto naming yung set design (we like the set design)

learning new things

Ayos kasi cool lng kami mga boys ( it isokey, because boys are cool)

Ayos din lang ang samahan kahit sa maiklingpanahon na nagsasama sam kami eh parang tinuring na naming kapatid ang isa’t isa. Kahit ang mga staff eh para narin naming mga ate, kuya at uncle. (even it is very short time that we are together our relationship is good , we already treat each other as brothers and sisters, even the staff we treat them like sisters, uncle and big brother)

Gained new knowledge and understand more about other province culture and traditions

Wonderful experience, it is one in a lifetime

During the workshop and practice in Kayan we enjoyed it very much because it is our first time meeting together and we are excited about the shows are going to do.

Workshops and rehearsal in Baguio, we all enjoyed it because we finally create the kind of performance we are trying to do. We enjoy the show

During the show we helped each other to make the show better

There are a lot more but I forgot it.

Gained new knowledge and understand more about other province culture and traditions

Wonderful experience, it is one in a lifetime

During the workshop and practice in Kayan we enjoyed it very much because it is our first time meeting together and we are excited about the shows are going to do.

Workshops and rehearsal in Baguio, we all enjoyed it because we finally create the kind of performance we are trying to do. We enjoy the show

During the show we helped each other to make the show better

There are a lot more but I forgot it.



Allowing participants to enjoy

Good food

Caring of participants by CGN

Bonding of staff, SDS, and others

I enjoyed with the facilitators/staff

We have the best second parents. T.Y (ThankYou)

Thank you for all the facilitators,coordinators, directors, and all the people behind our back.

Iya-iyaman sin nangiutoan yu ken dakami(thank you very much for cooking for us)

Some of the behind the scenes staffs are“bigatin” (being respected because of skills and talent) like manong rocky. Itis a pleasure to work and meet them

The organizers made sure that our basicneeds were provided like food

The coordinators are very accommodating

Our Director, Yoshisan’s notion of lettingactors enjoy the show, boosted up each participants’ commitment to the show

Setsu-sans workshop helped to disciplinethe participants

The bond and ties between participants,artists, facilitators, part-timers, and interns got stronger with theprocession of time

I discover my weaknesses when it comes totheater, so I can say that I improve with a big difference

I meet many CGN staffs and they are so nice

Being concern of CGN staff even the SDSstaff



Stage designs affects the performance

I appreciate the stage decoration andlightings

I appreciate the musicians, they did theirjob well. The music gave life to the presentation

Stage set design is very good

Music is good element in theater

Used of dialects is an advantage because wecan freely express ourselves.

Good melody of the songs

The output of the show is really good eventhough it is not 100%. All participants enjoyed their own roles.

We have the best stage set and lightings

The background of the stage looks real

Most of all, I am very thankful because allof our presentations are successful and I am satisfied that it will be aninspiration to everyone. I also appreciate how Aceh welcome us and how easilythey socialize us.

The materials, spectacles of the show werecomplete such as the lightings, props, and set design

A good stage design that affects ourperformance

The set/stage design is very well prepared

Music is a great element of theater

The used of observed own dialect during the performance is good for the actors because we can freely express our thoughts.It is also a weak point because the audience can not exactly relate from it(Manila and Indonesia)




This is special project not all the timethat we are given the chance to work with other people

Learn other’s culture

With other CGN staff

Enhances teamwork

We are accommodated with best condition

We are always full, happy tummy

Good accommodation

We were accommodated with the bestconditions and housing.

We visited other countries

The purpose of the project is noble

I am grateful because the participants andother staff came from different provinces, there might be differences but it’san avenue for us to develop our interpersonal skills

The Indonesian and Japanese respected ourculture very much

Accommodation is good

Good food

Going to other places

Joining this project is my greatestadvantage for my future

Masarap ang mga pagkain (food is good)



Between participants

Energetic (tired)

Being perfectionists between participants

Pride to lie low

Misunderstandings affects the performance

Late in sleeping because of facebook

Lack of time to sleep that causesparticipants energetic

No time management

Lack of workshop

Lack of participant discipline

We can’t avoid giving negative reactions! Iobserved that some participants can’t control their negative feelings towardsme. Along the workshop I was so franksometimes. I didn’t expect that some other s got bad attitude. I don’t want toconflict schedule. I can’t appreciate behavior/attitude.

Misunderstanding with each other

Sometimes we are being pressured because ofthe changes in the stories

Have not enough sleep

Lack of sleep

Some are self-centered

Some has high pride

Misunderstanding between participants andfacilitators


Staff, they should know why the reason whyI am like that or better they talk directly to me

Misunderstanding within the group

Damgas only knows kalokohan (being carzy)

Lack of sleep but it’s our own fault

Meymey nan kakadwa (our companions areslowpot)

There are a lot of conflicts between thedirectors and participants

During the performance, some of theparticipants don’t concentrate to the play.

During the rehearsal, some of us don’tcooperate


Time management

Language barrier- it’s hard to communicate

Some are over sensitive or reactive

I am a bit slow to react and just keep someof my opinions or thoughts or ideas to myself. I am not a frank type of personbut I will try to be in the future to avoid issues.

Discipline, in general to all was “lacking”

There was no workshop, only in Kayan. Incase there are in Baguio and Manila, it was not eveident.

The participants are needed to be toldalways what to do in the beginning of the workshop, it should be automatic.

Sometimes the participants are insensitive

Sometimes because of misunderstandingthemselves or with the directors, the practice can’t be pursue well

Participants can’t practice well or can’tgive their 100% best performance because they’re very tired and lack of time tosleep/rest at night

Sometimes the gap between the participants,directors, seniors are subsiding

Always change of plans for the show

The allowance is not enough

Lack of time to buy souvenirs

Participants don’t give and take by therole/dialogs

We participants encounteredmisunderstanding which hurts my feelings and made me cry once

Since the workshop started, I had a lack ofsleep and it’s like I get use to it that’s why even the activity for the day isover, I still sleep late at night.

Being judgmental (some participants)

No assessment after each activity is done

Language barrier


being un-energetic- because we are tootired

being perfectionist

Unbalanced pride- all of us here is bornwith a pride but pride sometimes is adjustable especially when it talks aboutwork so pls lie low sometimes, or just try to understand others.

During rehearsal- some of us are not takingit seriously, some are doing other things.

Improper time management

Language barrier (Indonesia- it isdifficult to communicate because we have different language and eventranslators can’t interpret properly.

We a lot of misunderstandings andmisconceptions about what should we do next

Tired, lack of sleep, stress, and mixedemotions are our greatest barrier to act comfortably

Borrowing of costumes is an advantage especially when you cannot find it knowing that your role is coming


Staff/facilitators/ directors

No clear instructions from the directors

Changes of plans

Game activities in workshops takes a lot oftime in rehearsals

Rehearsals should start from beginning toend (no cuts between scenes and repeat again)

Attitude, there are some participants thatis self-centered, what they like is that attentions are in them. Example in theworkshop, this one participant speaks louder than the others who is speakingjust to be noticed.

Playing games sometimes takes much timefrom the practice workshop

In the negative aspect, what I only noticeand I don’t like is that when during practice time we start very late that’swhy we go home late at night. The reason why we always sleep late.

One more thing that I noticed is thatduring practice/rehearsals we don’t start from the first scene until last, thereason why sometimes we forgot the flow of the scenes.

Another is that they don’t train/workshopus before we join the play then suddenly they shout or they say something badto us where they know that they did not taught to us that actions or ideas.

Language barrier of having not a singlemember who can speak English, Japanese, Filipino, and Acehnese. translating notonly the texts but ideas back and forth has indeed time consuming

The distress of time. The quality of Baguioshow and Manila show would have been a lot better if there were more time. Allparticipants had passion in theater and performance, but some of the shyparticipants’ acting has been better if there was time to boost theirconfidence individually through mind training and relaxation techniques.

It took a bit of time for everyone moldedin the play to set along with one another. So, perhaps molding everyone in thewarm ups could have made the happen a little earlier

The translation in the projector is a bit

confusing and some were not mentioned.




Continuation (to give chance to others toimprove)

Simplify workshops

Longer time for planning technicalities

Final script (discussion) with lightsrehearsal and cameraman and participants

Task should be distributed well betweenstaff and facilitators

More legwork and technical staffs, too manyfacilitators and assistant facilitators

Concepts of workshop is not clear

Output should be defined

Clear communication between facilitatorsand directors

Discussion between participants

Working together, be open to each other

Every activity there should be assessment

More workshops on dance and playing gongs

More workshops on our traditional dance andsongs

Set rules and regulations for participants

This project gives individualsenlightenment, and life meaning. I may not be a good actor that you didn’tappreciate, give me more time to learn, because when I come I’ll be a differentperson, I will not be holding my dreams on my little hand. Thanks for moldingme to be good person.

More workshops to come.

Time management.

More workshops! Salamat (thank you)

Sya gawis nan goal nan workshop ay nay (yes the goal of this workshop is good)

There should be allowance for us to use inour studies.

Clear and early instructions from thedirector regarding the practice and the performance

For the actors, they should keep tothemselves, if they can their feelings to other actors or just let it out tohim/her to avoid outbursts that will result too many problems.

Facilitators should at least state theobjective/s of whatever activities they conduct for the participants toappreciate it and not just enjoy- to preserve also the purpose of the workshop

Extensive instructions and changes shouldbe done in the earlier part of the workshop, not last minute

Facilitators and participants should atleast discuss why they want to change parts of the script or play.

Facilitators should at least be straightforward to their comments to the participants

Orientation of participants before theworkshops

More workshop

For the future, I am recommending that thedirectors must have music and dance workshop for the participants because goodstage set and lightings.

After this theater workshop/show, I expectmore workshops to be conducted for me/us to learn more and have much moreexperience.

If we were to do this again, having aconcrete and consolidated schedule will be really good. Missing the presence ofthe consolidated schedule caused miscommunications while putting the showtogether.

Definitely need someone who can speak allfor English, Japanese, Acehnese, and Filipino

Needed longer amount of time to make thefirst two shows (Baguio and Manila) good ones.

Show quality would have been better if wedid discussion/meeting with all members of the show more often.

I recommend that in every activity to bedone there should be an assessment to point out the weaknesses of the activityfor us to know what to improve

Try to connect each other..

Patience and understanding (not only verballybut also on waiting

Assess ourselves and try to adjust in every situation.



Theater Project on Environment Issue for Indigenous Youth in the Philippines and Indonesia
is granted by
The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration


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